Our Vision
St St Cath's we have a vision of creating a Christian home away from home, where young people can build lasting relationships with each other and with Jesus.  We want to invest in young people in the same way that we invest in adults, training them to become leaders and world changers; who deeply know the saving love of God, who support and challenge each other and who are confident in their knowledge of the scripture, of God's Spirit and of their own calling and gifts.  We hope to bless the local community through the YMS, including youth already connected with local churches of all denominations.


Our Values
We're part of a church that places a high value on teaching the Bible in a way that is informative, relevant and conversational in style, creating flexible learning environments for all ages.  We value children and young people as disciples and encourage them to be seen and heard! We also seek to engender a culture of service to the local and global community, beginning with our young people.


Our Goal
The YMS program is designed to provide Christian leadership development, where participants are challenged to see themselves as leaders in the world, to their peers, and to create projects that are meaningful to them.  We seek to create an environment that models positive relationships, where differences are valued and respected and all people are seen as created in God's image, equally loved by God.  Perhaps most importantly, we believe young people today need time to enjoy being a teenagerby having space from the pressures of school and technology, to get back to nature and the simple joys of life: time with God, time with ourselves and time to laugh, hang out, taste good food, sit around a camp fire and play sport just for the fun of it.