It's a full life being a teenager ... with school, friends, sport, ballet and a stack of co-curricular activities, it's really hard to fit anything else in!  It's also hard just to stop and take stock of what we've been learning and doing at school and how it applies to life.


An Opportunity
YMS is an opportunity to come together during the school break with other teens from around Melbourne, to grow as a leader, establish positive relationships and have some space to just relax and have a good time as teens should.


The Dates
We plan to offer the Youth Ministry School every school holiday break. The 2020 dates will be as follows:

  • Winter: 2 - 4 July 2021 (at Grantville)

  • Spring: 21 - 24 September 2021 (at Grantville)

Stuff We'll Be Doing
The program will have lots of space for outdoor sports or just relaxing at the beach and will also include sessions of teaching, prayer, worship and quiet time.  The teaching will be streamed so that people of different age groups and different stages can gather in like groups.  No previous experience is needed, just an openness to learning and making new friends.

A Typical Day
A typical day at YMS starts with the rhythm of morning and evening prayer before meals. We want to create an opportunity for young people to experience doing the day as a community, with God.  Opportunities for personal reflection time are included, with a permanent 'time out' space set up with music and art activities. Each day includes lots of food and free time, with optional sport and recreational activities, including surfing, going to the beach and hiking.

Each morning we break into groups for a session tailored to the age and stage of each person, whether its considering Tough Questions about Christianity, exploring a Life of following Jesus, learning how to pray, read the Bible, or an advanced level of Leadership Development.  In the afternoon, after free time, we run a session for the whole group focussed on the theme of the holiday program.  In Spring it will be Partnering with People of Peace, exploring our own story and gifts and how we can partner with others.  Evenings are for fun: dancing, games, camp fires.

The Program
You will find a sample program here.  

The Cost
YMS costs $300 for the three days and will include all accomodation and meals. Siblings of attendees pay only $200.  Further subsidies are available if the cost is a constraint.  The Winter local event is just $15 per session / evening.  Please visit our registration page for more details.

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